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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the latest arrival to the UK sloughi population. Marnie, officially known as Aabidah de Polvo Magico, arrived from Austria on the 2nd of February to live with Amanda and Nick Carter. She was bred by Valentina Schachinger from (Kalif Chazir Sheik el Arab x  Yassima Schuru esch Schams) and was born on 20th October 2022.

Amanda, who is very familiar with the breed, and has owned and shown sloughi previously says she is delighted to have another back in her life.We are all so looking forward to meeting this very pretty young lady.








Esme's Hound of the Year Award

Kath Clark has always considered Tyne, Wear and Tees Hound show to be one of her lucky shows, having won Best in Show at two consecutive shows with Esme ( Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside). Apparently this has never been done by anyone else, so to do it with a sloughi is pretty remarkable.

On 21st January the mighty duo had another brilliant night at this society, when Esme was awarded Hound of the Year for 2022 by  judge Trish Hancock. This really was the icing on the cake for them.

Esme is now taking things a little easier in preparation for an anticipated happy event later this year. 


Marnie 2.jpg



Yoski's Good Citizen Award











Congratulations to Yoski (Xandu Khan Schuru Esch Schams Imp Deu) on attaining his Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme bronze award.






Esme's ShCEx











Congratulations to Kath Clark and Esme ( Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside) on being the first sloughi in the UK to be awarded the Kennel Club Show Certificate of Excellence award. This award replaced The Show Certificate of Merit award a few years ago and is for dogs who are shown at Open Show level to gain recognition. The number of points needed for this award was increased from 25 to 50. This makes it extremely difficult for a rare breed to obtain due to the fact that often there are no breed classes on offer and you are then in Any Variety Not Separately Classified.  This means you can be up against all other hound breeds. In addition, you also need to accrue a certain amount of your points from Group placings, which in itself can be difficult as some judges don't seem to consider rare breeds as a serious option.

Despite all the odds and the Covid restrictions Esme has proven to be a worthy winner and has not only won many group placings, but has achieved Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show awards on several occasions.

It's all credit to Kath and her love of the Open show circuit, that she has maintained the stamina and determination to see this task through.However she also needed to have a very beautiful specimen of the breed.

Well done!  Kath and Esme.  





Silas's Good Citizen Award 













Silas (Gwasila Nuri Al Baida at Longhedge) was recently awarded his Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, silver award, at Trentbridge Ringcraft class. He has been working towards this for a little while, but due to Covid everything was delayed and has taken longer than anticipated. 

We are both highly delighted with this award and grateful to the trainers involved for their patience and understanding of this beautiful breed. We will now be concentrating on his gold award after a break for the summer recess when the training centre will be closed.






2022 Yearbook Quiz


I hope by now that all members will have received their copy of the 2022 yearbook. This year thanks to Mel Relf we had a very interesting quiz: Dogs in Literature the Arts and the Media  and I feel that it is now time to publish the answers. 

I hope you have all done extremely well, so here goes.

1. Luath

2. Noel Coward

3. Talbot Hound

4. Snoop Doggy Dog

5. Ecclesiastes (IX, 4)

6. Mutley

7 Toby, his setter, ate it

8. Bob

9. Believed to frighten away death. Incarnation of god, Bhaironath

10. Relieving itself against one of the stable posts!

11. A half-spaniel, half-lurcher named Toby

12. The Merchant of Venice (act 3, scene 3)

13. Pieter Bruegel the Elder

14. Hush Puppy

15. Richard Wagner

16. Karl and Susan Kennedy

17. American Cocker Spaniel

18. Padfoot

19. Griffon Bruxellois

20. A werewolf believed to have roamed the swamps around New Orleans

21. Milou

22. Oliver Twist (description of Bullseye)

23. David Hockney

24. Rudyard Kipling - The Power of the Dog

25. Dogue de Bordeaux

26. Shep, the Border Collie

27. Pug and Pekingese

28. Charles Cruft

29. Snoopy

30. Eric Hill


Welcome to Luke.

I must apologise to Lisa Smith and the breeders of Luke, Lacar Mahanajim, who arrived into the UK from Germany in mid June. 

I am afraid that amidst all the confusion caused by the Covid 19 pandemic I have neglected the website somewhat.

Luke was bred by Dr. Sabine Josefine-Barbara and Jan-Philip Schlenkrich, and imported by Lisa. We are all very keen to meet this young man and to introduce him to our sloughi population here as soon as possible. 


Luke 3.jpg
Luke I.jpg
Esme ShCEx.jpg
Yoski Good Citizen.jpg
Esme's hound of the Year award.jpg



















Congratulations to Amanda Carter and Marnie (Aabidah De Polvo Magico) on their superb win at South Wales Kennel Associaion Chamionship show on 12th October 2023. There were no classes scheduled for sloughis at this show but that didn't deter this young lady. She went on to win through the  Any Variety Not Separately Classified Hound classes (AVNCS) taking Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy.

This entitled her to compete in the Hound Puppy Group which she ultimately won. This is a great achievement for a sloughi in the UK as we are still on the rare breeds register and never before has a sloughi won the Puppy Group at a Championship show in this country. Hopefully this will icrease the profile of the breed and other judges will give the rare breeds a little more credit.

We must also thank Marnie's breeder Valentina Schachinger for allowing her to come to the UK to live with Mandy.

Marnie's show career as a puppy has now come to a close, but we all wish her continued success in the show ring.





2023 Yearbook Quiz

Once again we must thank our committee member Mel Relf for this very interesting quiz.

Some of you may have noticed that there are two questions numbered 24,  so the answers have been marked as 24a and 24b. I hope you all enjoyed trying to find the answers and I hope you have done better than I have. i thought I had done really well until I received the answers. Ah well  we live and learn.  Good luck!




1. A short-legged dog used to turn the wheel of a roasting spit in a kitchen.

2. A bad temper.

3. Schipperke.

4. Irish Wolfhounds from Ireland.

5. It's thorns resemble a dog's canine teeth.

6. Watch dogs.

7. A hound named Cavall.

8. The Dickin Medal.

9. Boucle fabric.

10. 'R', known as the growling letter.

11. Originally, it was meant to cure a rabid dog bite. Now it is more commonly known as a cure for a hang-over!

12. A jam or currant suet roly-poly.

13. Bergamasco.

14. Coton de Tulear.

15. Sleuth or Slot hound.

16. Harrier.

17. The skin.

18. Kennel cough.

19. Mrs Challinor Ellis, who judged Basset Hounds at LKA 1897.

20. Federation Cynologique Internationale.

21. Leeds Castle, Kent.

22. Musical hall and stage animals, who were often asked to perform dangerous tricks.

23. The Blue Cross.

24a. Sewallis E Shirley.

24b. Lord Byron.

25. Bella/Strelka.

26. The stolen World Cup trophy.

27. 45 dogs.

28. Sigmund Freud.

29. Clifford Hubbard.

30. Sir Winston Churchill.

31. A dog belonging to Laurel and Hardy.

32. The transformation of a human into a wolf (a werewolf).

33. Electricians went on strike.

34. A Norfolk Terrier has drop ears, whereas a Norwich Terrier has pricked ears.

35. Swedish Vallhund.

36. Affenpinscher.

37. They were an early form of dog show held in public houses and taverns.

38. 38.5 degrees Centigrade (101.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

39. French Poodle.

40. The Starlight Barking.



Magida Sabiih Al Sahra at Thiefside

We are delighted to include a copy of Esme's awards advert from Our Dogs awards supplement.

This is to celebrate Esme's achievements since she came to the UK, she has done extremely well in the showring but has also been a great ambassador for the breed.

Congratulations to Kath Clark and her breeders Gregor and Marcus Arndt.

Original photo courtesy of Sandra Whyte

Esme top dog.jpg

Welcome to Silas

We are pleased to announce that yet another young puppy has arrived in the UK from Germany. This  time it is myself (Michael Atkinson) and Barrie Godfrey who have imported Silas (Gwasila Nuria al Baida).

Silas was bred by Liz Gross von Hübbenet and we are delighted that she has allowed him to join us here.

We look forward to introducing Silas to everyone later in the year and hope he will be as happy as the other recent German imports.




Today 30th November 2019 at Tyne, Wear and Tees Hound Association show  we are delighted to announce that Esme (Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside  and her very proud owner Mrs Kath Clark won Best of Breed under our B list of Non Specialist judge, Mrs Pam Wild. They then went on to win Best in Show under the same judge, something Sloughis very rarely achieve in the UK, but this young lady is proving to be the exception. She now has several Best in Show wins under her belt. She even won Best Puppy in Show at this club's May 2018 show. Needless to say Kath is highly delighted and thanks all the judges who have thought so highly of Esme. She would especially like to thank Esme's breeders, Marcus and Gregor Arndt for allowing Esme to come and join her in the UK.

Esme TWATS BIS.jpg
Silas 1.jpg
Silas 2.jpg

THE Sloughi Club Show 2019

Once again it is time to think about our annual show and this being our 20th anniversary show it is a little special. Due to the success of last years show we will once again be sharing the venue, Baginton Village Hall Nr Coventry, with The English Ibizan Hound Club 

The show will be held on Sunday 16th June 2019. The room will be available from 9.30am and judging will commence at 10.00am.

A selection of light refreshments will be available throughout the show at reasonable prices.

There will be 15 classes ranging from puppy to veteran with an altered classification to suit all colours.

Our judge for the day will be Mrs Nancy Lovelady (USA)

Once again there will be the usual trophies and an array of rosettes etc. for the Best in Show and all principal winners. The committee would like to thank the following for their generosity in supporting the club with donations towards rosettes

BIS sash donated by Barrie Davies
BIS rosette donated by Carol Davies
Barrie Godfrey & Michael Atkinson RBIS and BOS
Margaret & Keith Emmins Best Dog
Anne Chapman-Damms Best Bitch
Lisa Smith Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best Bitch
Mel Relf
Margaret and Andrew Hudson
Barbara Henry
Gabriele Schroeter
Zak Garner
Grant Carter.

The show is also being sponsored by Royal Canin and we thank them for their generosity.

NB: The schedule is now available from the secretary Kath Clark or


You can also enter online by clicking on the link

2019 schedule.jpg


ESME  wins Best In Show  



The club were delighted to hear that Esme (Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside) who is only 15 months old and was an import by our secretary Kath Clark went Best in Show at an all breed open show (Barrow and District KA) under judges Colette Perkins and Helen Burke.

 Kath said "As far as I'm aware she is only the third Sloughi to achieve this in the UK but is probably the first to have won both a BPIS and the above award. 

Kath also went on to say that she hopes they have made Esme's breeders Marcus and Gregor Arndt happy with her performance and that she is a pleasure to live with.

Esme has certainly made her mark in the show ring in the short time she has been shown up to now and long may it continue. Congratulations to you all.




2019 Show Judge

Exciting news for our Club Show next year! 2019. After some discussion and a look at logistics Nancy Lovelady from America has agreed to come over and judge for us. The Committee are delighted at this great news as she will have a totally fresh pair of eyes and the dogs are all new to her. It would also be great to see some of our European sloughi friends take the opportunity to attend our show and give Mrs Lovelady a chance to meet more of our lovely breed. She currently owns two Sloughis.

Please see below her introduction:

Nancy Lovelady has been actively breeding, showing and now judging dogs since the mid 1980s, first showing her parent’s Cairn Terriers. She took over their kennel, McHan, and in total, made up approximately 50 AKC champions before entering the hound world. She next acquired another Scottish breed, the Deerhound, and made up her Deerhound as an AKC Champion as well. 
Mrs. Lovelady has made up FCI terrier champions and has travelled abroad to dog shows, most recently to Finland, and has also ventured to Crufts in the UK, and New Zealand. 
Always one for a challenge, Mrs. Lovelady began extensive research into the Sloughi (ironically, FCI standard number 188, and 188th in American breed popularity rankings) and acquired her first one in 2009 from renowned Sloughi breeders Dr. Dominique Crapon deCaprona and Dr. Bernd Fritzsch. 
She is currently the only AKC licenced Sloughi judge to own the breed, is licenced for Deerhounds and half the Terrier Group. She has authored articles on the breed published in Sighthound Review. 
In addition to judging, Mrs. Lovelady has 3 grown children, continues to teach, is a successful artist and keeps bees.

nancy Lovelady.jpg
Esme BIS.jpg



We are pleased to announce that another young sloughi boy has arrived in the country and would like to welcome Yoski who is proudly owned by Heidi Woodgate and Claire Boggia.

Yoski was bred by Eckhard & Ingebord Schritt and Erich Zimmerman










We all look forward to meeting Yoski out and about and wish him and his owners all the look and happiness with him.


Tyne Wear and Tees Hound Association  Open Show 26th May 2018

Esme  (Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside)

At the above show today Kath Clark and her new puppy Esme who is still only 6 months went Best of Breed sloughi under judge Aileen Sharpe.

Not only did she achieve this but she won Best Puppy in Show.

Apparently this is the first time a sloughi  puppy has won BPIS for 35 years

It has been pointed out to us by Bernadette Stoneham that she won BPIS with Kamet Rashid at Stourbridge and District Canine Society Show in October 1983.

Congratulations to both and a shame it has taken so long for this to be repeated.


Show Certificate of Merit

George ( Sahsheer Ishara at Longhedge )

 George has been awarded a Show Certificate of Merit by The Kennel Club, We think he is only the 3rd sloughi in the UK to receive this award, the previous two being Falconcrag Baroukh owned by Amanda Carter and Steph Marston-Pollock and Lizanthe Al Zakuri owned by Liz Porteous -Thompson

                    The Sloughi Club Show 2018

The Sloughi Club are pleased to announce that this year we will be holding our 2018 Open Show at;

                                                  Baginton Village Hall

                                                         Frances Road 



                                                             CV8 3AB

                                          Judge: Mr Wendell Moore

Thanks to the English Ibizan Hound Club who have allowed us to share their venue the show will be held on Sunday 17th June 2018. The room will be available from 9.30am and judging will commence at 10.00am.

There will be 15 classes ranging from puppy to veteran with an altered classification to suit all colours.

The Best in Show winner will receive a trophy, a beautiful rosette and a certificate, all the other principal winners will receive a rosette and certificate.

The Sloughi Club AGM will be held after judging has been completed.

There will be food provided at reasonable prices.

Thanks are given to the following people who have donated trophies or rosette sponsorship:

Carol and Barrie Davies

Pam Marston-Pollock


Anne Chapman-Damms

Sue and Terry Foster

Lisa Smith

Mel Relf

Barrie Godfrey and Michael Atkinson

Margaret and Keith Emmins

Margaret and Andrew Hudson

Sandra Whyte (Sandraanddaisy Photographers) 

Kay  Constantine

Barbara Henry

Gabriele Schroeter

Zak Garner

Maureen Wilkinson

Jill Williams

NB: The schedule is now available from the secretary Kath Clark or via

You can also enter online by clicking on the link


Small Heading
Small Heading


                                                                      Mini Auction   

Thanks to the generosity of Gabriele Schroeter who judged at our Club show in 2016 we are currently running a mini auction on Our Facebook page, which will finish at 8.00pm UK time on Sunday 11th February 2018.

Gabriele has kindly donated 12 notelets/cards with her amazing artwork. She has requested that the money raised will go towards the rosettes for the 2018 show. It was decided at our Committee meeting on Saturday that the fairest way was to split them into 4 lots with 3 cards each. They are 4" x 6" and are blank inside, unfortunately there are no envelopes with them but they are a standard size so that shouldn't be an issue.

Postage within the UK will be free, outside the UK will be at cost. Starting bid on each lot is £3. Please comment on the photo to place a bid.

For anyone not using Facebook who is interested and would like to place a bid please contact our Secretary: Mrs Kath Clark either by email at or phone her on tel  01768 898024 she will be able to give the latest state of bidding and if necessary place a bid on your behalf.

I hope everyone will join in and bid for these really nice cards.  Good luck.







          Lot 1

              Lot 2


                 Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside

Congratulations to Kath Clark and Martin Moore who have imported Esme into the UK from Germany. She was bred by Gregor and Marcus Arndt from (Multi Ch Ghazoot Chazzin x Mutli Ch Djamila Labibah Sabiih al Sahra).

Kath who says she has waited many years to import a dog hopes that Esme will help the breed in this country by introducing new blood lines into the country. She will hopefully have Esme out on the show circuit this year  and we wish her every success. Thanks were also given to Ellen Fechner and  Ilka Rhode the owners of Esme's sire and dam


          Lot 3

             Lot 4

     Discover Dogs

Discover Dogs once again took place over the weekend of 21st and 22nd October at ExCel London.

This year we were represented by Anne Chapman-Damms with Tara ( Sahsheer Shiana Khali ), Barrie and Carol Davis with Ziva ( Falconcrag Sahsheer ) and Sharon Page with Harley (Lizanthe Zayn Amir ).

The weekend was very successful and extremely busy, with lots of visitors to the Sloughi booth,  which as usual was highly decorated.

Thanks to all those taking part for their hard work and dedication to our lovely breed.

                       Thanks to Carol Davies for the photos of the decorated booth

These lovely photographs of Ziva and her daughter Tara were taken by a visitor to the Sloughi booth and are reproduced here by kind permission of Katie Weightman


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