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All in all the club is highly delighted with the outcome of this our first auction and having reached an amazing total of £337.00 we would like once again to say a huge thank you for everyone who took part.

            The final lot went to Michael Atkinson with a bid of £15.00.

This lot  consisting of a set of stamps and a playing card was won by Carol Davies for £15.00.

This very popular print of a Sloughi with their owner on an Arab horse and signed by R Wandel went to Susan Foster for a very generous bid of £75.00

Another item won by Dominique de Caprona was this charming unframed sepia photo, circ 1890, with a winning bid of £46.00  

Grant Carter won this lot, a German Sighthound Yearbook, with a staggering bid of £150.00 

                    Margaret Emmins who wins with a bid of £26.00

Houndshow 2017 Critique

More great show news. Saturday 18th November and Michael Atkinson and Barrie Godfrey's George (Sahsheer Ishara at Longhedge wins RBIS at Humberside Hound under listed judge Jeff Bunney (Zadal). Congratulations!!

At long last the critique from the Houndshow 2017 held on 5th August has been received from the judge Gavin Robertson via The Kennel Club. I must apologise in advance if I transcribe anything incorrectly but I didn't find his writing easy to follow.


Limit Dog 

1     Godfrey & Atkinson-- Sahsheer Ishara at Longhedge


Solid dog, square body, rounded back skull, ears well set back, moderate and balanced angles with flat muscle.


2      Page-- Lizanthe Zayn Amir

Different type to winner, larger in skull and broader. Ok ears, good ribbing with definite tuck up. A little too loose in pasterns, not as smooth on movement as winner.

Open Dog

1     Smith & Hunter--Multi Ch Sahsheer Sandara

Elegant dog with a racy clean unexaggerated outline, lovely masculine head of good length, fairly broad, slight stop with dark pigment, well set triangular ears, moderate forequarters level back, short loin and croup with pin bones just showing, correct hare feet, lovely effortless gait, shown in firm condition. BOB


2     Marston-Pollock--Sahsheer D'Jarra at Falconcrag

Nicely balanced head piece with good length, oval dark eye, liked his body shape with good tuck up. preferred the front of winner, strong muscletone.

Veteran Dog

1     Hudson--Croa Ch Farouk Farid of Love Arab Beauty at Glencathra

Cracking condition for this veteran, lean flat skull, neat triangular ears, moderate neck, would prefer straighter forelegs. level back, slightly springy ribs, a little too steep in croup, positive mover.


Limit Bitch


1     Hudson--Ibtihaj of Love Arab Beauty Glencathra


Feminine head piece, ears well placed. Flat skull with moderate stop, correct body proportions with a refined look, light on foot, short croup with tail of good length, just prefer stronger hocks on the move.

Open Bitch

1     Chapman-Damms--Int Ch Sahsheer Shiana Khali

Lovely elegant racy bitch with the correct square proportions, long refined head with flat skull and broad for a bitch, light mover without exaggeration, good feet and condition. lovely desert type. BB

Veteran Bitch

1     Clark--Falconcrag Daiouni of Thiefside

Another with a good body shape, balanced head with dark triangular eye shape, good ribbing with tuck up and short loin. a little loose in elbow but has a smooth effortless side gait.Nice quality bitch, unexaggerated throughout with medium bone.





Dominique de Caprona with a winning bid of £10.00

   A mini auction was held on Facebook recently to raise funds to cover any unforeseen costs involved with the implementation of the (JCF) Judges Competency Framework, which is being introduced by The Kennel Club. Being a small club numerically we do not have a vast amount of funds and are always grateful for any way of increasing the bank balance.

  Our Chairman, Mrs Pam Marston-Pollock kindly donated several items from her personal collection and the Committee decided that the best course of action would be an auction.

   The auction ran from 27th September until 4th October and consisted of seven lots. It was clear from early on that there were to be two main lots and bidding on these was very competitive. When bidding closed on the 4th I am sure there were some highly delighted winners and one or two disappointed losers, however I sure that this was all taken in good sportsman like fashion.

The Committee would like to thank all those who took part and were happy to part with their cash to support our cause. We would particularly like to thank Pam Marston -Pollock for donating the items in the first instance and our Secretary Kath Clark for organising the auction.

The winning bids were as follows.


The World Show 2017     Leipzig

Photo courtesy of Luke Johnston

    Last week saw a trio of dog shows in Leipzig culminating with The World Show 2017.  The UK Sloughi breed was wonderfully represented by Lisa Smith with Int, Dutch, Bel, Lux CH Sahsheer Sandara (Gus) 

    Wednesday 8th December and the first show was The German Winners Show with judge Jorge Nallem who awarded Gus 2nd place in the Champions Class and Reserve VDH-CAC which at this show is upgraded to Full VDH-CAC, I'm sure Lisa will inform us of the full implications of this when she comes down to earth.

    Thursday 9th December and today was the German Sighthound Club Show. The judge on this occasion was Audrie Benoit from Belgium who awarded Gus with Best Dog and Best of Breed and VDH-CH-A. Gus then went forward to the Best in Show ring with an entry of 17 breeds and was shortlisted to the final 5. This was an excellent result for the breed.

    The final show was on Sunday 12th December and this was the big one The World Show 2017.

The judge for this show was well respected breed expert Jean Brixhe and he had an impressive entry of 41 dogs.

    Gus and Lisa were in the Champions Class again and were picked as one of the final 4. Despite an incident as the other dogs were leaving the ring they went on to be placed 2nd and Reserve Best Dog with Malala Schuru-Esch-Schams who has been a prolific winner of late taking Best of Breed


Photo courtesy of Kristina Kalamata




3rd September 2017. Lisa Smith and Tina Hunter's Sahsheer Sandara goes BOB in Luxembourg. He is now a Luxembourg Benelux Winner! The judge was Cathy Delmar (Ireland)

Nizam El Sahara Des Cinq Tribus

Nizam El Sahara Des Cinq Tribus

Good news for the breed! Walter Albert from Ireland has imported a puppy from France and is hoping to bring him over to the UK next year!

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